Getting out of the house on the morning of your session is not going to be easy! Let’s be honest, everything is harder with a new baby and this is no an exception to that. 

At the end of the day, if all you bring is your baby, then I can definitely take care of the rest of it so please don’t stress if you forget something! 

If you do want to feel a little more prepared then here is a list of items I have put together for you to pop in your bag.



A dummy can be a lifesaver during a newborn photography session, especially if your baby is feeling a little restless or fussy. Even if your baby doesn’t normally use a dummy, having one on hand can help to calm them down during the photo shoot and make the experience more comfortable for everyone involved. If you don’t have a dummy or forget to bring one, I have some on hand. 

Layers to Wear for Parents

Newborn photography sessions typically take place in a warm studio environment, with temperatures set to ensure your baby’s comfort. However, the same may not be true for parents or siblings in attendance. Bringing layers of clothing can be a great way to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the session, especially as you will be here for a little while

Special Items

Many parents like to bring along special items that they would like their baby photographed with, such as a favourite blanket, toy, or outfit. This can add a personal touch to your photos and make them even more special. You are more than welcome to bring along anything you would like captured but please don’t feel obligated to, it’s completely up to you!

Extra feeds if Bottle Feeding

If you’re bottle feeding your baby, it’s important to bring along extra feeds to ensure that your baby stays comfortable and full throughout the session. Sometimes the extra stimulation of moving and posing your baby, as well as the warmth does mean that your baby will require en extra feed. I have a bottle warmer at the studio if required. 

Hairbrush for Mum/Any Siblings

It’s easy to forget the little things when you’re rushing out the door with a new baby in tow, but bringing a hairbrush can make all the difference in your photos and the number one thing people forget!


In addition to this list, lets chat about what you don’t need to worry about! Our studio is all set up here to look after new babies so we have everything you might possibly need on hand. 

We have a change table set up with nappies, wipes and nappy bags ready for your use. We also have pillows to assist with feeding. We have a drinks fridge available with cold water and soft drinks as well as a cafe across the road to feed and caffeinate you! 

The other question I am often asked is – “what should we bring for our baby to wear?” And the answer is that you don’t need to bring anything special for your baby to wear. As you’ve probably seen from my photographs,  I use lots of simple wraps and outfits to photograph your baby in, and I provide all of these, so you don’t need to bring anything special with you.

I hope this helps you to get out the door a little easier, and remember what I said in the beginning….if all you bring is your baby and yourself, we are still going to be just fine!

Elle x