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When you book a session with Always Belle Photography, you will be sure to experience baby photography at its finest with professional photographer and paediatric nurse Elle Payne. Each session is unique and will provide you with timeless photography to treasure for years to come.

Your baby will only be this little once in their life, and it’s only for such a short peroid of time. Elle strives to capture these special moments before they pass you by, allowing you to cherish them forever. Each sitter  photoshoot provides a unique set of challenges. Elle has worked with babies and children at the Royal Children’s Hospital for over twelve years now, providing her with the skills and expertise to deliver one-of-a-kind photography. Her work is both artistic and charming. Elle aims to provide a calm and relaxing session for everyone involved, ensuring that all babies are in safe hands. In a predominantly digital society, Elle understands that you may not always be able to share wall art or hard copies of your photographs with friends or family.  For this reason, Elle proposes a unique service within her “hybrid” approach to photography, offering both art pieces and digital negatives.  Elle’s clients value the level of detail and love that is put into each of her sessions, describing her as “the most patient, understanding and gentle person.”

Whatever it may be that you are looking for in a baby photographer, Always Belle Photography is here to deliver with welcoming service and stunning results that you will not find elsewhere.






When is the best time to photography my baby?

Sitter sessions are best done when your baby has begun sitting up but is not yet crawling. At this age they normally haven’t developed any stranger danger and will give us some gorgeous expresssions.

Where will the session be held?

Sessions are held in my beautiful studio in Eaglemont Village, Melbourne where we have access to all the equipment required and the environment can be kept comfortable for everyone.

How long does a sitter session take?

Babies at this age often don’t have long before they got bored, hungry or upset so we need to move quickly! Most sitter sessions will take between 45mins – 1 hour. 

Is it possible to have family portraits taken too?
Of course! We always photograph family portraits at the end of the session. You can opt not to have these photographs taken however we will highly encourage it. Your baby will not stay this little for long and it is important to have beautiful keepsakes to remember this time. If you are requesting sibling portraits, these will be done at the beginning of the session so that children can then be taken for a walk to the park or out for lunch whilst the rest of the session is completed.
When should I book?

As we usually don’t know when your baby will begin sitting unassisted, it is best to wait until this point before booking in. Once your baby is sitting, get in touch so we cxan get you in before they then start to crawl!

How long do we have to wait until the images are ready?

Not long because images will be available to view immediately after your session! Whilst baby is being dressed and ready for the trip home, I will prepare your images to be viewed on the big screen where you can choose any that you would like to purchase. 

Can I just purchase digital images?

All of the images you purchase come with a digital and printed copy. Digital images cannot be bought separately. Printed images are the best way to archive these beautiful memories and are made for you using high quality materials to ensure they out live us all.

How do I book?

Complete our contact form! Get in touch here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.