Welcome to the world of newborn photography! As a newborn photographer, I know that this is an incredibly special time in your life, and I’m honoured that you’re interested in capturing it in photographs. 

But, I also understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate the world of newborn photography, especially when it comes to understanding the terminology. 

That’s why I’m here to guide you through it! In this article, we’ll go over what newborn photography is all about, and break down some of the common terms you’ll come across. 

So, whether you’re a new parent, a photographer, or simply curious about the world of newborn photography, this guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to confidently understand the jargon and capture those precious moments. Let’s get started!


Beanbag Posing

Beanbag posing is a popular technique in newborn photography where the baby is positioned on a soft beanbag and posed in various positions. This allows for the photographer to capture different angles and create a variety of shots. The beanbag provides a soft and safe environment for the baby while the photographer adjusts the baby’s arms, legs, and head to create the desired pose. As a newborn photographer, I always ensure that the baby is safe and comfortable during the shoot and that the beanbag is positioned securely to avoid any accidents.

Composite Photographs

Composite photographs are a technique used in newborn photography to create a final image from two or more photographs. This technique is used when it’s not safe to pose the baby in a certain position or when a specific prop is required that may not be safe for the baby. In this technique, the photographer takes multiple shots of the baby in different positions, and then the images are combined using software to create the final image. This technique requires a lot of skill and experience from the photographer, and as a newborn photographer, I take great care to ensure that the final image looks natural and seamless.


Digital Backdrops

Digital backdrops are a great way to create a variety of different looks and styles in newborn photography without having to use physical backdrops or props. Digital backdrops are created using computer software and can be added to an image in post-processing. These backdrops can range from simple colours to intricate designs and can be customised to suit the client’s preferences. As a newborn photographer, I have a range of digital backdrops on hand to create different looks and styles for my clients if they request. I might also use a digital background for a prop I already have if I think it is safer for your baby than using the actual prop.

Editing and Retouching Photographs

Editing and retouching photographs are an important part of the newborn photography process. This involves adjusting the colours, brightness, and contrast of the image, removing any blemishes or distractions, and enhancing the overall look of the photograph. 

As a newborn photographer, I always take great care when editing and retouching photographs to ensure that the final image looks natural and timeless. I believe that the editing process should enhance the photograph rather than change it completely, and I always consult with my clients to ensure that they are happy with the final result.


Posed Newborn Photography

Posed newborn photography is a popular style where the baby is positioned in different poses and props. The photographer will typically use a beanbag and various fabrics to create a comfortable and safe environment for the baby. The photographer will take great care in ensuring that the baby’s safety and comfort come first.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a popular style of newborn photography that focuses on capturing the natural moments between the baby and their family. This style of photography captures the baby and their family in their natural setting and is often done in the home. The photographer will focus on capturing candid moments of the baby and their family interacting.


Natural Light Photography

Natural light photography is a style of newborn photography that uses natural light to create a soft and natural feel to the images. This style of photography can be done both indoors and outdoors, depending on the lighting conditions. The photographer will look for the best light available to create a beautiful and natural look.

Studio Light Photography

Studio light photography is a style of newborn photography that uses artificial light to create a controlled and consistent lighting environment. This style of photography is typically done in a studio setting where the photographer can control the lighting conditions. The photographer will use a combination of lighting equipment, such as strobes and softboxes, to create a beautiful and consistent look. It is important to note that studio lighting is very safe for your baby and doesn’t upset them at all. 

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Props can be used in both posed and lifestyle newborn photography. Props can add an extra element of interest to the photographs, and there are many different types of props available. Popular props include baskets, hats, blankets, and wraps. The photographer will carefully select props that complement the baby and the overall style of the shoot.

I hope this guide has helped you to  understand some of the terminology in newborn photography and can help you communicate with your photographer and ensure that you get the photographs that you want. 

Whether you prefer posed or lifestyle photography, natural light or studio light, or have a preference for certain props, there is a style of newborn photography that will suit your preferences.

Elle x