Hey there, parents to be! Have you ever wondered what newborn photography is all about? Perhaps you have wondered what is actually considered ‘newborn’ photography, and why the rush?!

It’s not something many people know too much about, so let’s dive into it together! 

Newborn photography is like capturing the very first adventures of a brand-new miracle – your bub! Professional newborn photographers take amazing pictures of tiny, squishy babies who are just starting their journey in the world, and because bubs don’t stay little for long (literally only a matter of weeks).

So, why is it so important to have a newborn photography session? That’s an easy one. 

There’s a certain feeling of “what if” and regret that comes to fruition when I hear parents talk about how they “wish they went ahead with a newborn session when their baby was born”. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it’s not a nice feeling to look back on something so special and wishing you did it.  Because your baby is only a newborn for 4 short weeks, it’s really important you get your pictures done ASAP. Other parents will tell you that time goes so fast, and they are absolutely right!

Imagine having a time machine that could take you back to when you were a baby. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see what you looked like, how tiny your toes were, and how your family felt when they held you for the first time? Wouldn’t it make you feel loved and doted upon to see yourself on the walls of your family home? 

Newborn photography is a bit like that time machine. Whether you get your photos done in a studio or in the comfort of your own home, capturing these wonderful moments is imperative so that when your bub grows up, you can both look back and experience the love and joy that was shared as a family. Pretty spesh, right?!

At Always Belle Photography, your photographer is a 15 year Paediatric Nurse first, a mother of 2, and a newborn photographer of 9 years. Therefore, safety is the number one priority and you can be certain you are in the best hands with Elle. Elle believes sessions should be baby led, this means we will always stop for cuddles, feeds and breaks if that is what bub needs to feel comfortable at all times. 

Elle x