Photography helps us create beautiful memories that last a lifetime, and boy has it changed over the years. As a newborn photographer, I am often asked whether I offer in-home sessions. In my opinion, both studio and in-home photography have its perks, but this article talks about why I recommend studio sessions for your special day. 

Specialist Equipment

Having the option of using a photo studio is a big plus! Want to know why? We’ve got specialised tools that help us take the best pictures for you and your family. Our studio has been created just for pictures, where we are able to play around with different backgrounds, specialised lighting, and fun props. With that being said, it’s extremely difficult to move our gear around to other locations.

Lighting matters

Lighting is super important in photography, and studios are great for playing with light. Studios have special lights that can be changed to fit the mood and style we want to achieve. Whether we are looking for soft and dreamy light for a pretty portrait or strong and dramatic light for a bold picture, the studio’s controlled lights make things look that much better. But at home, it can be a bit tricky because the natural light changes and doesn’t allow the pictures to look the way we want.

It’s warm in here! 

Because newborns are unable to regulate their own body temperature, it’s important that we create a cosy and safe space made just for them. The studio is set up to make sure the baby feels comfortable. We can control the temperature and how things feel, so that your baby stays happy during the session. This helps us avoid things like cold drafts or sudden temperature changes. It’s all about making the little one feel safe when capturing those precious moments!

Convenience for you

When you choose a studio session, you don’t have to worry about things like using your own electricity, or cleaning your home to get ready for your photos. Having your photos done in a studio means you can sit back and enjoy the moment and do what you came to do, make memories! Being able to relax and really soak up the moment means your smiles and poses are more natural and real. When you’re free to just have fun, your photo time becomes more enjoyable and stress-free

Rancho Relaxo

Our studio space is created to help you feel relaxed and comfy. When you come here, you don’t have to worry about all the things at home that can distract you. You can focus on having fun during the session and showing who you really are. Even babies can feel the good vibes! With this special space, we make sure you can be creative and enjoy the time. That’s how we get really cool and genuine photos that everyone loves!

In a nutshell…

While in-home photography sessions have their own appeal and can capture intimate, everyday moments, studio sessions offer a much larger range of benefits to provide a positive and memorable photography experience. By choosing a studio session, you can be sure to expect stunning, high-quality images that capture the essence of the moment and create lasting memories that will be cherished for generations to come.