I have heard all the excuses…

  • I still look massive after my pregnancy
  • I haven’t had time to wash my hair
  • My skin is terrible from my hormones
  • Have you seen the bags under my eyes?!
  • I haven’t slept
  • This is more about the baby than me

But the truth is that you need to be in theses photos with your babies! These are the images that your children are going to look back on in years to come and want to remember that their mum was always there for them. They will not be looking at your hair, or your bags or your body shape, they will be looking you and them together as a family.

If that isn’t enough for you, here are five more reasons of why all of you mamma’s out there, need to get out from behind that camera and get in the picture! (Especially when I tell you too during your sessions with me!)


1. Because they will want those photos in 20 years time

Aren’t the photos that you have with your parent some of the most treasured position that you own?! I love any photograph that I have with my parents in it growing up…and even now!


2. You don’t need to show it to the world!

Just because you (or I) take these photos of you in them, it doesn’t mean that you have to blow it up and put in on the wall in the lounge for the world to see! Some of my best friend’s favourite photos are of them with their children and are under their bed for no one to see except them. These memories are for you and your family to share and unless you want them too, no one else ever has to see them. You have nothing to lose.

New mother with her newborn baby smiling with the new life


3. Don’t worry about posing or smiling, just embrace the connection with your baby.

Some of my favourite photos to take is capturing the connection parents have with their babies. Particularly with newborn sessions….your baby will never be this small and fit in your arms like this again. So stop. Take a deep breathe. And remember this moment. Don’t worry about your pose or smile and just embrace the fact you are a new mamma to this beautiful child. I will do the rest.


4. You never get this moment back

Babies are only this little and this young once. Creating memories that last a lifetime will give you the opportunity to look back, smile and be proud of the children you have raised. They will spark emotions of motherhood that you have long forgotten….and who wants to forget that.


Mother's Day Portraits - A photo by Always Belle Photography


5. You actually look better than you will in another 10 years

Haha ok so this might be a bit harsh, but if we always waited until the ‘perfect’ time to do anything….we would still be waiting to do everything! There is no perfect time, so stop waiting. I promise you, in 20 years time, you’ll be wondering what you were ever worried about!


So next time someone wants to take a photo of you or I tell you it’s time for family photos during your session…..make sure the answer is yes!


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