Type the following words into the Google search bar – pregnant, packing, hospital bag, must-have… go on, I’ll wait… confused?? You bet you are! And that is how every first time mumma-to-be feels when she turns to good ol’ Google to answer her most burning third trimester question: what on earth do I pack in my hospital bag?



Here is one of the easier ways to break it all down – the good, the bad, and the ugly:

  • The Good: teeny tiny onesies, itty bitty beanie’s, adorable little mittens… pack them, you will need them! Hospital’s can get a little cool too, particularly in the evenings, so be sure to pack more than you think you will need (this also allows for errors in judgement during those first few nappy changes). Don’t forget yourself though mumma! Practical post-baby clothing that is comfy and stylish is very easy to find these days, as is quality nursing wear. Be sure to pop in some comfy presentable options in preparation for that flood of visitors, and some luxe little items for yourself like a divine hand cream and a stash of chocolate. Bonus tip: Don’t forget the phone charger… it will be ringing off the hook and you will be happy-snapping your little heart out.



  • The Bad: Whilst comfy, stylish and adorable are all fun, there is business talk that needs to happen mumma! Undies – pack a heap. And not your ‘nice’ ones either. There is no way to really sugar coat it other than to say you will need more than you care to imagine and they need to be granny ones. Have trust, you will develop a new appreciation for these puppies once you’re a few weeks post-partum. Also be sure to stock up on maternity pads and, wait for it, Depends. Yep, we went there. Hands down the best piece of advice that the mumma-to-be can get before going into hospital to have their babies is to stock up on some Depends. With a line now specifically for women no one will even know you have them on! It is also a handy idea to pack a little kit of nursing pads, nipple cream and even some witch hazel – you will leak, you may crack and you will likely hurt… like the scouts say ‘be prepared’.



  • The Ugly: Thought it couldn’t get any uglier than adult diapers? Think again!…… Only kidding mumma. The ugly is just a little reminder to treat yourself and avoid taking the ugly to the hospital with you. Splurge and buy yourself a gorgeous toiletry set or a new overnight bag when it comes time to pack for your impending arrival. You will appreciate a little touch of glamour when you are soaking up the post-birth feels, and heaven knows you deserve it!



For those who have been there done that, what did you consider your God-send hospital bag item?

Preparing for your first little bundle? What one item do you feel like you might not be able to live without? (Bonus points if you say chocolate!)