Do you feel like this is now a thing of the past?!

Sleep deprived parents are fighting every night with kids to get them to sleep so that the adults can not only wind down and relax but also get some shut eye themselves! Thankfully there are many old wives’ tales that have been tried and tested for many years and are backed up by experts to help get your little one off to dreamland a little bit easier.

Sleep is important to ensure your kids will have a sound foundation for proper mind and body development so how can we ensure that everyone can get a good night sleep?

1. A warm bath

A bath before bed is a great way to relax our kids and let them wind down and there is a simple scientific explanation for why this works! Warm bath water lowers blood pressure and relaxes the muscles, which is a very calming. It also slowly increases the body’s temperature, then when our child gets out of the tub, his body returns to a cooler state which releases melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep.


2. Dim the lights

Dimming the lights helps signal to your child’s brain that it’s time to sleep! Melatonin is the hormone that helps us to become sleepy and it’s won’t be activated whilst the lights are still on. Turning down bright lights and creating a nice chilled environment at least an hour before bed will help everyone wind down from the excitement of the day


3. Use Lavender

According the the National Sleep Foundation, lavender can have a sleepy effect on some kids! To bring on a nice slumber, lavender will decrease heart rate and blood pressure naturally. Try a lavender body wash or keeping it on a pillow during the day to induce sleep a little faster.


4. White noise

The repetitive sound of white noise can be soothing to kids as it is reminiscent of their mother’s heatbeat and other noises that babies hear in the womb! These sounds can be hypnotic to children and can be as simple as a fan in the bedroom.


5. Consistency

It’s a simple as doing everything the same every night at the same time! Gary Zammit, director of the Sleep Disorders Institute in New York, told Health magazine “These routines help the brain shift into sleep mode,”


6. Read bedtime stories

Reading bedtime stories in a soft hushed tones will help little one’s become sleepy. Reading printed books helps to relax kids and trigger the imagination to help get a better nights sleep



AND……..If all else fails try this trick!

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