First thing’s first, safety is everything at Always Belle Photography and nothing progresses if there is any question around that. 

About Your Photographer

With a background spanning 15 years as a Paediatric Nurse at the renowned RCH and almost a decade of expertise in newborn photography, Elle possesses a unique blend of medical knowledge and artistic flair. This ensures that your precious bundle of joy is not only captured in beautiful moments but is also cocooned in a haven of comfort and security.

Elle’s safety protocols are as detailed as they are thoughtful. The session begins with a warm hello and welcome into a specialised newborn photography studio where temperature and lighting mimic the calm environment of a baby’s natural habitat. Every prop, blanket, and accessory is chosen with utmost care to ensure they are soft and gentle against the delicate skin of your little one.

During the photo session, Elle uses gentle hands to move and position your baby in comfortable, natural ways. She uses her knowledge of how babies move and what they can handle, thanks to her time working with kids at the hospital. This helps her make sure that every move she makes is super safe and perfect for your baby.

Elle also knows how to read your baby’s signals like a pro. If your baby needs a break, some food, or just a cuddle, then that’s what your baby gets. Moving at baby’s speed and in baby time is important, and it’s not just about taking pictures – Elle’s all about making sure your baby feels calm and nurtured at all times, no matter what.

In Elle’s capable hands, capturing your newborn’s early moments becomes an experience drenched in tranquillity, warmth, and utmost care. For us, safety is not just a word – it’s our unwavering promise to you and your little one.