You know when you want to pick the perfect permanent pen for your drawing, and you look at all the colours and pick the one that feels just right? Well, choosing a newborn photographer is kinda like that, but just a lot more important. 

Here are some quick tips when it comes to choosing who’s best to snap your forever memories! You do NOT want to miss the last point. 

  • First, ask around! Have a google, ask your family and friends. Look at their websites to see if you like the colours and styles they use. What language are they using? Do they have anything super special that others don’t? (For example, our photographer Elle is a 15-year Pediatric nurse at the RCH – important things like that, ya know?!) These pictures are your special forever memories that are going to capture the love, excitement and family bond you have – so pick a photographer whose pictures and story make you smile and feel all warm inside.
  • Choose someone who knows how to handle babies (Did I mention the Pediatric nurse thing?!), someone who is well equipped to settle, calm, and know what to do. Choose someone who can do the same for you, too. After all, you’re a new Mum!
  • We all know someone with wedding photos they did nothing with. So choose someone who will help you get your pictures printed, so that you can enjoy them right away. We have clients that have their homes filled with their printed gems within just 4 weeks of the session!


  • Think about your family’s special style. If you love bright colours and giggles, find a photographer who makes pictures that look like that. If you prefer neutral, calm and warm, the same goes. 
  • Decide if you’d like an in home session, or a professional studio session. There are benefits to both, but you need to be happy with your decision as these are your memories, not the photographer’s.


  • Choose someone who doesn’t have a time limit – at Always Belle Photography we know the importance of working on baby time. There is ALWAYS time for cuddles, feeds and snuggles, and there is never any rush at all. 
  • Last but CERTAINLY not least, choose somebody who is safety trained in babies. Our photographer Elle holds 15 years experience as a Paediatric Nurse at the RCH, and over 9 years experience with newborn photography. This means you can rest assured that you are in the best hands, with someone who knows exactly how to calm, comfort and look after your special new addition. 

Remember, picking the right photographer is like finding the best treasure for your baby’s very first photo adventure – no pressure! 

Elle x