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Our mini maternity sessions are complimentary when you book in your newborn session! 

These sessions don’t go for long but they are a great way to see the studio, meet your photographer and of course capure a beautiful memory of your bump!

Arrive at your allocated time (we likely have other maternity sessions before and after you), we will have a quick chat about anything you would like from your session and then we will get started! 



Dress yourself or have a look through our Studio Wardrobe at the options we have for you to borrow. You are welcome to try a couple if you wish.

If time permits some mums-to-be also love a bare belly shot!

If you would like a more casual look then you can bring some jeans (non maternity) and a nice bra or top. 

Please wear light or nude coloured underwear and maybe even treat yourself to something pretty!


Take a few minutes to pamper yourself and neaten up hands and nails. If you are a ‘get nails done’ type of mumma then make sure they are fresh for the shoot as your hands will definitely be in the images!

If dad is coming along, encourage him to neaten up the nails and give the hands a good clean too. 


Some mums love to get their hair and makeup date prior to their shoot and this is up to your personal preference. It can certainly add confidence, but isn’t a requirement. 

Light makeup and a focus on lashes works well. 

Take your hair out of a pony tail for the day so it dries naturally as pony-tail-kinks are a thing! 


Everyone is welcome! Neutral clothing will photograph best but it is totally up to you what you would like everyone to wear. 


We know that you are unlikely to know how to pose for a maternity session but don’t stress, we have got you! We will guide you through each of the poses and give you directions as we go. 

Same for partners and kids!

And don’t worry, we know that no one wants to be posing in front of the camera any longer than you need to be when you are that far along in your pregnancy so we will move fast.


Following your session we will show you your images and you can choose your favourite which will be edited and sent to you as a gift from us. Any further images can be purchased on the day or you can wait until after your newborn session and create a collection with images from both sessions. 





A few tips for getting a sleepy and happy baby…..and therefore beautiful photos for you!



Baby needs to have a big feed prior to the session! This is the most important step so feed before you leave home and hopefully we will have a nice sleepy baby on arrival to the studio.

You can expect a couple of top up feeds while you are here, due to the warmth and stimulation so don’t be surprised if your baby has a little more to feed than normal during the session.

If you have a car seat that is remove-able, feel free to bring them in that if they are already asleep.


A dummy! We know that they might not like it, or they haven’t really needed one yet but it can really help your baby to settle during their session….especially with all the extra handling to get your photographs. Don’t worry though, we never keep it in for long and don’t photograph your baby with a dummy.

If you are bottle feeding then bring along a couple of spare bottles. Due to the warmth and stimulation your baby might need some extra feeds.

Also bring anything special that you would like your baby to be photographed with.

We have wraps, headbands and outfits for your baby so you don’t need to bring any special clothing for them!


We will undress your baby when you arrive for the gorgeous little nudie images so if you could have baby wear something that is easy to remove (nothing that goes over their head, etc) that will help if they are asleep when you arrive.

We have wraps, headbands and outfits for your baby so you don’t need to bring any special clothing for them!


Breast fed or bottle fed, we don’t mind here!

As long as your baby has access to food whilst we you are in the studio. Some babies will need extra feeds due to the warmth of the studio and because we are handling them a little more so bring extra. We have a bottle warmer here if you need it. 


Whilst this is a good practice run to pack everything you need for an outing with your baby, don’t stress if you forget anything! We have nappies, wipes, bags and anything else you might need for your baby whilst you are here.

We also have a bottle warmer if you need it.

Check out our studio tour so you can see where you are coming!


Have you been gifted a special teddy? Or been knitted a blanket? This is not a requirement but you are more than welcome to bring anything special that you would like your baby photographed with during your session. 




Firstly, if you have been in the studio with your first baby for a newborn session….here is your warning that it won’t be quite as relaxing this time around! But hopefully we can keep everyone happy and get some beautiful images of your children together that make your heart melt for many years to come 



Depending on the age of your kids,  start talking to them about the session in advance to get them excited and so they know what’s going on. Keep it light and fun, and don’t hype it up too much. 


Most kids prefer that they have a little time to get to know the environment before we put them in front of the camera so we will nearly always start with your newborn and give your older kids time to relax. 

They can watch their sibling have photos, get to know your photographer and get used to the flashing lights in the studio! 

Whilst we start with your newborn, they are more than welcome to watch tv, go for a walk for a snack or even some train spotting across the road. 


Most kids won’t give us a long peroid of time before they “check out” so when photographing toddlers we need to move fast. 

We have images that are more on the “easy” scale that we will start with to get them used to having their photo taken and then will move on to some more complex ones if they allow it! 

The most important thing is not to stress. We are so used to working with toddlers and have a whole bag of tricks up our sleeve to try and get some images of your children together that you love. 


Keep it simple!

For boys, just a plain tshirt and shorts or jeans is perfect. Bare feet in the studio and you are done! 

For girls, a pair of plain pants and a shirt or a simple dress is perfection … watch the knickers though, short skirts/dresses often ride up when sitting, so keep the length practical for fast moving small people and/or a pair of bloomers is perfect too.

We love to photograph white and neutral but we also want to represent what works for your family! If you need any help please reach out. 

We are also building our kids studio wardrobe so reach out if you get stuck to see what options and sizes we have. 




So we would love to tell you that you wil have all the time in the world to prepare for your session….but lets be honest, you will be too busy trying to get everyone else ready! We recomend preparing the day before.

You are more than welcome to get ready at the studio – get changed, hair and makeup. Or sometimes it is nice to be ready and then you can just sit, relax, have a hot drink and enjoy the show.

Whatever suits you, suits us!



Start with what you want to wear and then match everyone else to you! 

You are more than welcome to wear a dress from our studio wardobe

Otherwise choose something you feel great in. We love neutrals and try and avoid any big logos or patterns. 

If you get stuck please reach out and we are more than happy to help!


Light makeup is perfect! Whatever makes you feel comfortable and great. 


If you have long hair, wear it down! We totally know that it probably spends it’s life in a mum-bun, but wear it down if you feel comfortable.

Some regrowth can be very hard to fix when editing so try and make sure you have had a recent hair appointment so you are happy with how it looks. 


Only fake tan if you do it often! And undesrtand that it might make you look a different colour to the rest of your family so go easy. 


Yes they will be in the images so make sure they are clean and neat! 

If you liek getting your nails done then make sure they haven’t grown out too much as they are very hard to fix when editing. 




Just to generalise for a second…..we are guessing you have been told that this photoshoot thing is what you are doing and you are just going along with it? Well just know that we appreciate you comgin along for the ride and we will make it as easy and stress free as possible. 

Your main job is to remain present, tell mum she looks gorgeous, and be on toddler-wrangling duty if this baby isn’t your first rodeo.

We will help you, you have got this! 



A pair of jeans and a light coloured shirt, chinos and a t-shirt – anything plain and simple in the tones that the other family members are wearing is perfect.

We love a white tshirt or shirt!

Please no big logos or graphics. 

The studio will be warm no matter the outside temp, so jumpers/jackets etc aren’t necessary.


Book a haircut a week or two before your session so you are happy with your look!


Clean hands and neat nails….that is all we ask!


Nice and sentimental watches are more than welcome. We just ask that you remove any smart or sports watches as they will date your beautiful photographs. 




We know how much fur babies are part of the family. Often being the first ‘baby’ a couple welcomes into their world, we totally know how important they are to involve in this new part of life.

Dogs are more than welcome in the studio as long as they:

Are toilet trained,

Are well behaved (relatively, we know they’ll be excited when they first arrive, but should settle down)

Pose no threat to the baby (or anyone for that matter!)


So far we have found that the families who are brave enough to venture out with small kiddos AND a dog, know their dog will be easy enough to cope with and it has been a great experience. YES, bringing the dog adds another level of choas to the whole exercise, but they also bring comic relief, welcome distraction from being photographed, and someone who is always happy, no matter what.

Please let us know if you are going to bring your fur baby so we can prepare