Are you expecting a little bundle of joy soon? Congratulations! You might be wondering about newborn photography and how much it costs. Well, each photographer offers something different at a different price point, so there isn’t a straightforward answer. 

However, I’m here to help you understand the different levels of service you can expect from newborn photographers, the range of prices you can expect to see, and what causes the variation in price between different photographers.

Let’s dive in:

What kind of service does a newborn photographer provide?

Before we can really compare newborn photographers on price, we need to understand what each of them is offering. Every photographer or photography company will provide a different level of service, and as you investigate further, you’ll no doubt find that this results in a slightly different offering from each.

Here are some of the different ways that photographers’ service will differ:

  • Whether they have a studio or come to your home
  • Their style of photography – do they shoot posed newborn photography or lifestyle newborn photography
  • Their skill level, knowledge, and experience
  • Whether they will spend time getting to know you and what you are hoping for from the photographs
  • How they will help you to prepare for the session
  • The level of service you can expect during the session
  • How long you need to wait to see your photographs after the session
  • Whether you have the option to choose which photographs you purchase
  • Whether the photographer will help you to choose the best way to display your photographs
  • The quality of the products they have available for you to purchase
Newborn Photographer Service

What should you consider when choosing a newborn photographer?

Whilst price is important, it’s also important to consider the level of service you would like to receive. Here are some important considerations:


Does the photographer have a studio, or will they come to your home?

There is probably no other time in life when this consideration is as important as when you have just had a baby. Would you prefer that you don’t have to travel, and can have the photographer come to your home to do the shoot? Or, is it more appealing to you to go to a studio to have the shoot done there?

The answer will be very personal to you. Some families prefer not to have to leave the house and travel to the session. Others don’t want the worry of having to tidy up, make space, and have the clutter of daily life around them whilst they have a shoot. They would prefer to go somewhere where everything is set up perfectly for them and their baby.

Is the photographer a specialist or a generalist photographer?

As you start to research newborn photographers, you’ll probably find some photographers who offer just newborn and baby photography, and some who offer newborn and baby photography as well as weddings, headshots, interiors, or other genres of photography. In other words, specialists and generalists.

What you’ll also probably find is that specialist photographers charge more than generalist photographers. Quite often, you’ll find that specialists have been in the industry longer, and since they only photograph one thing, they have more experience of doing it. Hence the higher prices.


What level of skill and expertise does the photographer have?

As in every industry, every photographer will have different levels of skill and expertise. Developing that skill and expertise takes time and costs money, and so it’s likely that a photographer’s ability will be reflected in the price too. To create beautiful newborn photographs, a photographer will need to be skilled in various areas, such as:

  • Helping clients to prepare for their shoot
  • Knowing how to soothe babies, and keep them settled through the session
  • Understanding light, and where to position babies for the best lighting
  • How to pose newborn babies safely
  • How to use their camera to expose photos correctly
  • Composition
  • Helping parents to feel relaxed in front of the camera
  • Toddler and sibling management
  • Editing and retouching

Photographers also need to stay up to date – photography trends and techniques are always evolving, and so photographers need to invest in continuous learning too.

Newborn Photography

What level of service are you looking for?

 Every industry has professionals who provide a range of services. Take the restaurant industry, for example.

On one end of the spectrum, you have fast-food chains where you queue for your food, clear your own table, and receive very little personalized service for a low price. On the other end, you have high-end restaurants where you can expect to pay hundreds of pounds for lunch, and receive highly personalized service from knowledgeable staff who anticipate your needs and offer recommendations.

Similarly, in photography, you can work with a photographer who simply takes photos and provides you with a set of digital images, or you can choose a photographer who will work closely with you to understand your vision, provide an exceptional session experience, meet with you to showcase your photographs, help you select and design the best ways to display or enjoy your images, create albums or prints, and deliver the final product to your doorstep. Choosing the level of service you desire is a personal decision that will affect the price of the service.

As a professional newborn photographer, my aim is to provide my clients with the highest quality of service and ensure they are happy with the final result. I understand that cost is an important consideration, but I believe it’s equally important to consider the level of service and expertise you’re looking for.

When you’re searching for a newborn photographer, it’s important to ask questions and make sure you’re comfortable with their style, level of expertise, and level of service. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations, check their portfolio and reviews, and communicate your needs and expectations.

So yes,  the cost of newborn photography varies depending on several factors, including the photographer’s level of expertise, level of service, style of photography, and whether they have a studio or travel to your home. It’s important to consider these factors when selecting a newborn photographer, and to prioritize the level of service and expertise you’re looking for. 

As a guide, most of my happiest clients spend around $1000 on their newborn photographs. 

I hope this guide has been helpful in answering your questions about the cost of newborn photography! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Elle x