Are you having a boy or a girl?! 10 ways to find out here….

Even if you’re leaving the gender reveal of your baby til their day of birth, its only human nature to wonder! Check out these ten ways to predict your baby’s gender:


1. Read the changes in your body…

Word on the street says it’s a boy if

  • Your skin is drier than normal
  • Your body hair is thicker and growing faster than usual
  • You have cold feet (literally!)


2. Baby weight – front or back?

It’s a girl if you gain baby weight on your hips and bottom, but a boy if you are carrying extra kilos on your front!


3. That queasy feeling…

A common wives tale claims it’s a girl if you have bad morning sickness that continues into your second trimester.



4. Savoury or sweet?…

Food cravings for savoury foods (like meat and cheese) mean it’s a boy. Sweet food cravings (think chocolate and ice cream) mean it’s a girl!


5. The ring & string test

Thread a ring onto some string, and hold it above the baby bump.

Side-to-side swinging means it’s a boy! It’s a girl if the ring moves in a circular motion!



6. Your significant other…

Is your partner gaining weight as your bump grows? If yes then this indicates you’re having a boy!


7. Beats per minute

The speed of your baby’s heartbeat is another indicator of gender.

A heart rate faster than 140 beats per minute means male and those under 140 point to female.



8. Melon or Basketball?

Baby girls sit high and form a watermelon shaped belly, placing greater force on your ribs. If you feel more pressure on your bladder and have a low-hanging basketball for a baby bump then you’re having a boy!


9. Ancient Chinese Gender Chart

Having predicted babies’ genders for over 700 years, this chart boasts a supposed 90% accuracy rating. The prediction relies on finding the midpoint between the mother’s age at the time of conception, and the month of conception.



10. The one-clove garlic test

If all else fails, eat garlic! Eating a clove of garlic can determine whether you are having a boy or a girl. How to tell? If after eating the clove you smell strongly of garlic, it’s a boy. And if not, you’re having a girl!


OK so maybe none of these are definitive but they are definitely fun to test and guess along the way! Have you done any of these?? And more importantly, were they right?!

Elle xx


  1. Jennifer

    You know, at least 6 of these (100% of what I tried) were true! Our little boy is turning 7 next week and I can hardly believe it!

  2. Brenden

    All of those old wives tales to figure out gender are always fun! I’ve seen it becoming a huge trend to wait for the baby to find out the gender too.

  3. Giselle

    Oh these are so fun to play around with and wonder. Lovely blog post!

  4. Shawndelle

    Amazing images.

  5. Lucy

    Aw, love this!

  6. Cheri Dempkowski

    Ha, these are so great! I tried a few (and they were accurate!) with my pregnancies, but if I would have known of all these, I would have tried them all!


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