Creating the perfect nursery for your baby-to-be can be a fun and incredibly rewarding experience. It’s one of the first steps parents-to-be take in order to prepare their home for their new little arrival.

When beginning to create the perfect nursery the most important thing to do is to study your space. Make sure you measure everything about the room and plan out the room as much as possible so you can be sure not to over clutter.

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Before you hit the shops take into consideration that you also need to create a space with mums comfort and convenience also in mind because after all mum is going to be spending a lot of time in the room.

Choose your key pieces first for mum and bub and then work everything else out around it (even your colour scheme). The essentials (crib, changing table, chair or rocker) can sometimes be the hardest items to find and you might not always find them in the colour you had hoped for as furniture options can be limited.


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Once you’ve got the essentials sorted, choose a wall colour that compliments them. We suggest keeping your wall colour simple because as your little one grows, their room will inevitably fill up with toys, books, clothes and gifts, all adding to the complexity of colours in the room.When you’ve chosen your favourite hue, paint well in advance so that your babies new nest has some time to air out, and before you put the brush to the wall consider a colour palate that promotes a warm, calming and comforting environment that your baby can thrive in.

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When it comes to brightening up the room, small amounts of colour are a great way to introduce an eye catching feature for baby to fix their eyes on whilst they exercise their imagination. If you’d like to decorate the walls, decals or wall sticks are a super easy and cheap way to add detail and they’re really easy to remove or replace as your little one grows.

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Don’t forget to think about safety, don’t over clutter and consider safe zones around the cot. Work out where your power supplies are and baby proof them. Keep lamps and other electrical away from the cot and make sure sure your room is practical with lots of free space for you to move around in (even in the dark).

And the most important thing of all is to remember it’s your home, it’s a room you’re creating for your newest family member. If it makes you smile, feel relaxed and is a comfortable place then you’ve created the perfect nursery.

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