From time to time, I get asked a lot about whether parents can bring clothes for their baby to wear during their newborn photo shoot. It’s a valid question, and I understand that not everyone wants their baby to be naked in their portraits.

The short answer is yes, of course! And I do have outfits and wraps here at the studio that we can use.

But if you would like to bring your own outfits, I’ll give you some insight into what kind of outfits work best, the style of outfits you should avoid, and why it’s a good idea to send me some pictures of the outfit before your session.

Let’s start with how dressing your baby changes the style of the photos. The type of clothing you bring will affect the look and feel of your photographs. A simple, neutral outfit – such as a plain white vest – will result in very natural photographs, similar to the ones in my portfolio. This is because the outfit is natural and gives a similar feel to my natural style. However, an outfit with more detail, patterns, frills or bright colours will change the style of the photograph. The outfit becomes more of a focal point within the photograph and draws more attention to it.

During your session, I will work with you to ensure your baby has an outfit on or is wrapped for every component. If you would prefer an outfit for family photos rather than being wrapped, that is no worries! We will use the time at the start of the session for you to tell me exactly what you want from your session and how we can get the photographs that you love and reflect your family.

If you want your baby to be clothed during some or all of the photographs, the three things to look for are clothes that are simple, well-fitting, and ideally have some stretch. Something like a plain, well-fitting vest or sleepsuit is ideal. The simplicity of the outfit means that the focus of the photographs is still your baby, not their clothes. It’s important for the outfit to be well-fitting as the camera can amplify the appearance of excess fabric, resulting in your baby looking ‘lost’ inside the clothes. The stretch also helps to make sure that the clothes fit your baby well, and the fabric doesn’t get bunched up around them as I change their position.

Not sure if the outfits you are considering will be right? Send me a picture! I am more than happy to discuss anything you are thinking prior to your session. 

I hope this guide has given you a good overview of how your session would work if you decided to bring an outfit for your baby to wear in the photographs, the kind of outfits that work best, and why it’s important for us to plan the shoot around the outfit beforehand. If you have any other questions about bringing clothes for your baby to wear at a newborn session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and would be delighted to discuss your session with you. 

Elle x