When a friend announces her pregnancy, we want to share the excitement! We want to find her a pregnancy gift that is special and meaningful, and makes her feel loved and supported on her motherhood journey. After all, pregnancy isn’t always an easy ride and the fourth trimester is very real. Here are some pregnancy gift ideas we love, which celebrate mum to be and this special new chapter in her life.


1 A Harmony Ball pregnancy necklace

Originating in Mexico, chiming pendants called ‘Harmony Balls’ are worn by expectant mums throughout their pregnancy and after the birth of their baby. As mum to be moves about her regular daily activities, these stylish pendants will bounce gently against her growing bump, emitting a gentle bell/chime sound which baby will hear and find comforting before and after birth. The sound is also thought to call upon expectant mums Guardian Angel to provide her protection and support throughout her pregnancy and lifetime. A beautiful sentiment for any pregnancy.

Bring your harmony ball necklace along to your newborn photography session for a timeless reminder of those pregnancy flutters and kicks.

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Pic 1: Possum harmony Ball pendant and Baby Bee Charm                                      Pic 2: Bella Rose gold harmony ball and Stork charm



2 Baby Keepsake Book

Ask family and friends to help create a unique keepsake book for baby to teach them their ABC’s and 123’s! Each page within these baby keepsake books contains a letter or number, followed by a blank space where family and friends can draw a picture to represent it. A fun game for a baby shower, or to have at home for baby’s first visitors. These books will be read to baby as they grow and treasured forever.

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Pregnancy Greeting Card

Tell mum to be how you feel with a range of greeting cards designed especially for pregnancy and motherhood. The arrival of a new baby is a big change (whether it’s your first baby or you’re adding to the family)! Say it with style. Let mum to be know that she is loved and supported on her journey.

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I hope that you have found these gift suggestions helpful.  For more beautiful gift ideas, please visit the Bebe Bola website here

I’d also love to hear if you have given or received a memorable pregnancy gift – please share below.

Elle xx