One of the most common questions from parents is about how I started newborn photography! The phrases ” you must have  so much patience” and “how do you make them sleep and pose like that?” get thrown around a lot so I thought I would write my blog today on the 5 reasons why I love newborn photography and why I do what I do!

Yes it takes a lot of patience but so does being nurse and I love it!


1. I get cuddles!

After working with unwell babies at the hospital for over 9 years, I will take any and every opportunity to take cuddles with the babies in my studio! It is often easier to settle newborns to sleep when they can’t smell any milk so Mum’s can sit back with a cuppa whilst I do all the hard work settling and rocking them to sleep. There is something so peaceful about holding a newborn life in your arms and I am so happy that I get to call it my job!

Newborn baby posed on small cream chair on wooden floor


2. The happiness….

In the days after bringing a baby into the world, despite the sleep deprivation, the happiness hormones are at an all-time high and parents are gushing with job over the arrival of their little one. And then when they get to see them all squishy and posed in my studio they become so proud….particularly if they are sleeping and cooperative! It is such a privilege to be able to sit and chat with families about their birth experience and be a part of this time they will never get back.


3. The challenge

Yep, you read that correctly! You might feel bad if your baby isn’t the one that sleeps through their whole session but I enjoy being kept on my toes. It would be too easy of all the babies were the same! Having to pose some babies differently or work with a significant startle reflex or a very awake baby means being open a flexible to still get a gallery that parents will love and keep forever!

Newborn baby on cream flokati rug holding cream teddy


4. Get the creative juices flowing!

After years of nursing and telling anyone who will listen that I am not creative, suddenly I find myself comparing fabric and colours and props and trying to create a session that is individual to the baby and the family that are in my studio! Thinking outside the box and using my imagination is so much fun and I am always thinking up ways to mix up my sessions


5. Continuous learning

I can see improvements in every session I do and it has come from hours and hours and HOURS of learning. Everything from classes in person with world renowned photographers to online videos, to forums and conferences, has gone into trying to create images that I am proud of and more importantly that parents will love! I love to learn and whilst I have so much further to go, I am so grateful for everyone out there that teaches so that I can continue to improve

Newborn baby boy photographed on cream blanket laying on his side covered with cream wrap


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