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Have you got a newborn photography session booked in soon? Are you wondering what happens behind the scenes to achieve those nice sleepy poses?

The right preparation for your newborn session can be a key component in ensuring a smoother, quicker, and generally more successful session (which means more beautiful photos for you!).


Newborn Photography Melbourne

Newborn Photography Melbourne

Sessions normally lasts around 2.5-3hrs hours, a bit more if our baby is unsettled. To prevent that from happening, I have a few tips for getting a sleepy and happy baby.

1. Before their session, dress them in something easy to remove (nothing that goes over their head, etc) that would make things work well if they are sleeping when you arrive at my home studio in Melbourne.

2. If you have a car seat that easily removes from the car, bring them inside in it if they are already asleep. Most babies love the car seat and should be nice and settled

3. All babies need to have a big feed prior to the session, and you can expect a couple of top up feeds while you are in my studio, due to the warmth and stimulation.

4. If you have a dummy, bring it with you (even if they don’t take one yet). Sometimes if they are a little more restless in poses it helps to settle them in a few minutes. If you don’t wish to use a dummy with your baby, don’t stress, this is just an option if your baby is a little unsettled.

5. And finally (and most importantly!), if they are awake or alert before you leave for the session, try to encourage that as much as possible. If you can, keep them awake for around an hour or two before the session, then that might make for a nice long sleepy period for us. I recommend a bath and then keeping them just in a nappy and stimulated for a period afterward.


Newborn Photography Melbourne

Of course we can’t always guarantee that babies will stay settled and asleep during their session but these tips should put us in the best position for success! If you have any questions or would like more information about my newborn photography sessions then please contact me.


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    Excellent tips for newborn session prep!

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    Such great information for anyone interested in newborn photography. Awesome tips!

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    Beautiful newborn photos and great tips to a successful session!

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    These are wonderful tips!


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