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When you book a session with Always Belle Photography, you will be sure to experience newborn photography at its finest with professional photographer and paediatric nurse Elle Payne. Each session is unique and will provide you with timeless photography to treasure for years to come.  

Your newborn baby will only be this tiny once in their life, and only for a matter of days. Elle strives to capture these special moments before they pass you by, allowing you to cherish them forever. Each newborn photoshoot provides a unique set of challenges. Elle has worked with babies and children for over 12 years now, providing her with the skills and expertise to deliver one-of-a-kind photography. Her work is both artistic and charming. Elle aims to provide a calm and relaxing session for everyone involved, ensuring that all babies are in safe hands. In a predominantly digital society, , Elle proposes a unique service within her “hybrid” approach to photography, offering both art pieces and digital negatives.  Elle’s clients value the level of detail and love that is put into each of her sessions, describing her as “the most patient, understanding and gentle person.”  


Whatever it may be that you are looking for in a newborn photographer, Always Belle Photography is here to deliver with welcoming service and stunning results that you will not find elsewhere.   

Newborn Session fee is $200 

This session fee does not include any photographs or digital files.





When is the best time to photography my baby?

Babies are best photographed within the first 2-3 weeks of life. During this time they are more likely to be nice and sleepy and less likely to be disturbed whilst being curled into gorgeous positions to be photographed. This also mostly avoids any newborn acne that tends to develop after three weeks.

Where will the session be held?

Sessions are always in my beautiful studio in Eaglemont Village, Melbourne where we have access to all the equipment required and the environment can be kept comfortable for everyone.

How long does a newborn session take?

There is no telling how long the session will take but we usually tries to keep it under three hours. The baby is the boss during these sessions so please just remember that there is no hurry. As far as poses/inspiration images go, there is no guarantee that we will get any specific images but we will surely do our best to get the images that are of most importance to you and your family.


Is it possible to have family portraits taken too?
Of course! We always photograph family portraits at the end of the session. You can opt not to have these photographs taken however we will highly encourage it. Your baby will not stay this little for long and it is important to have beautiful keepsakes to remember this time. If you are requesting sibling portraits, these will be done at the beginning of the session so that children can then be taken for a walk to the park or out for lunch whilst the rest of the session is completed.
When should I book?
It is never too early to book in your newborn session! Because your baby’s birthdate is unpredictable, we will reserve a time frame for you. If you know that you will be induced or have a c-section booked, your session date can be booked in advance. If your baby is going to come when it is ready, we will mark down your due date and expect you to contact her as soon as your baby arrives.
Most of our clients book their sessions before the end of their second trimester to avoid missing out. Due to work commitments at the Royal Children’s Hospital, there are only limited sessions available and it is therefore important to book early to save any disappointment.
Despite this, due to the nature of birthdates being unpredictable, we may have some availability if you are nearing the end of your pregnancy or your baby has already been born. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about this.
How long do we have to wait until the images are ready?

Your ordering appointment will be held in the studio immediately following your session. This session is where you choose and order your photographs and wall art.

Can I just purchase digital images?

All of the images you purchase come with a digital and printed copy. Digital images cannot be bought seperately. Printed images are the best way to archive these beautiful memories and are made for you using high quality materials to ensure they out live us all

How do I book?
Newborn sessions are booked depending on your due date. For more information or to check availability, please email me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
behind the scenes


Are you thinking about getting newborn photos taken? Or wondered what actually happens during a session? Or even asked why you should consider newborn photography?

Go behind the scenes with me and see exactly what happens when you book a session for your precious newborn baby.

I am an experienced newborn photographer and paediatric nurse located in Eaglemont, Melbourne.