This week I had the absolute please of photographing this gorgeous baby girl named Mila!

Let me take you back to two an half year ago when her big sister Ava was born. I had never taken a photo of a newborn baby however when I asked their Mum if I could play with my camera and her beautiful new baby Ava she actually said yes! I had so much experience with newborn babies after years of being a paediatric nurse and I loved taking photographs, so I thought why not combine the two of them!

Fast forward to now and Ava is now a big sister!

I can safely say that Mila’s session went a lot more smoothly than Ava’s…given that I now have some idea what I am doing! However, I am so grateful for that first session and where it has lead me too today!

Ava is being a fabulous big sister and did a great job for her sibling portraits as you can see below. There is such a special bond between them already and I know that they are going to grow up to be the best of friends! Of course Ava might always wonder why her newborn photos aren’t quite up to the standard of Mila’s but she will always be my first newborn session and hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you so much to Amanda and Ryan for letting me photograph their two babies now!! You definitely know how to make cute babies and I love photographing them.

Elle xx

img_9816bw-copy img_9879 img_0097 img_9793 img_9996Sibling portrait on cream flokati