Meet my newest friend baby Hudson!
Baby Hudson is the youngest of three adorable siblings and so loved by his adorable family.
Hudson came to visit me as part of my Rainbow Baby Project that has been going on throughout 2018. This adorable boy was the rainbow after his family sadly lost his older brother Dexter during pregnancy in 2017.

Hudson and his family were so much fun to photograph and I had so much fun capturing this beautiful family. To watch Mum at her reveal look at a photograph of her family of 5 – all looking at the camera and smiling – gave me all the feels! Sometimes when you are living day to day you forget to step back and take your beautiful new family in! I love how my reveal sessions give you this opportunity.

Thank you Victoria for applying for my Rainbow Baby Project and sharing your story with me. You have such a beautiful family and I loved being able to give you these memories

Elle xx