Ever wonder how you’d be able to get your images?

Welcome to the enchanting world of newborn photography, where the tiniest toes and the sweetest yawns are captured for eternity! We get asked a lot “How are our images delivered?” So glad you asked! Why don’t you grab a cuppa and settle in as we explain the journey of how your pictures get from the camera, into your hands!

Step 1: The Digital Gallery 

Drumroll, please! 🥁 Once your little bundle of joy has been perfectly captured, it’s time to reveal the results. You’ll receive an email that’s practically bursting with excitement, containing a link to your very own digital gallery. Imagine the giddy excitement as you click that link, knowing that a world of adorable moments is about to unfold before your eyes. SWOON!

Step 2: Exploring and Downloading Your Treasures

Your digital gallery is a treasure trove of cuteness! As you navigate through the gallery, each click reveals another “awww” moment. Tiny fingers, sleepy smiles, and those oh-so-adorable yawns are all there. Best of all, you have the power to download these digital gems. Simply choose your favourites, and voilà! They’re ready to be cherished, shared, and printed.

You can download the entire gallery, or just your fan favourites! It’s totally up to you! Download them in high resolution or websized to share with your loved ones. 

Step 3: Elevate Your Memories to Timelessness

But wait, there’s more! Your newborn photography journey doesn’t have to end with digital files. Turn your works of art into proudly displayed memories throughout your home. Think albums, wall art, and boxes that take your memories to a whole new level. 

Products are available to purchase from the online gallery which can be shared with friends and family. These family and friends can also download images and order their own prints and products from the store! Your memories can be ordered and shipped directly to your home. Think cards, albums, frames and a lot more! 

Step 4: The Art of Editing

Now, you might be wondering why un-edited images aren’t included in the package. Well, the magic of newborn photography lies not only in the capture but also in the art of editing. Just like a painter adds those final brushstrokes to create a masterpiece, the talent of a professional photographer has a job to do – and that’s to enhance each image and bring out the best in every detail. It’s like sprinkling a little extra stardust to make your memories shine even brighter! Abracadabra! 

Your Journey, Your Memories

So there you have it, the whimsical journey of receiving your images! Whether you choose to frame them, create an album, or turn them into wall art, these memories are yours to cherish for a lifetime. So, revel in the cuteness, and let the journey of newborn photography continue to fill your heart with joy, just like it does ours!

Elle x