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Capture all the important milestones

Congratulations if you are waiting on a new little addition to arrive into your family‼
This is such an exciting time! Have you thought about documenting your baby coming into the world and their first year?
Well, we have developed a fabulous offer for you and your family to ensure all those milestones are captured in our fabulous Grow With Me collection
The Grow With Me collection includes
✔️ Up to four photoshoots including Maternity (optional), Newborn, Sitter and Cake Smash
✔️ Four matted photographs ready to frame
✔️ Four digital photographs of your printed photograph
✔️ Parents and siblings included in each session
✔️ A design and purchase appointment for each of your photo shoots 




Give your baby the feeling of being so loved when they look back on these photographs. And be sure you choose an experience that will be easy and relaxing – knowing your baby is in the safety of a nurses hands.

Enquire TODAY before this offer ends.


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Maternity Session

To begin your experience I would love to have you in the studio to photograph your bump! Best done at 32-36 weeks, this session is a very simple and relaxed session to capture your pregnancy. Whilst this session is optional it really is the perfect way to capture a very special time in your baby’s journey.


Newborn Session

Best done before your baby is 3 weeks old, it’s no secret that this session is obviously my favourite! A chance for new parents to sit and relax and reflect on the fact you are now parents! These sessions are baby led which means your baby will control when they are fed, cuddled and posed. Nothing is rushed and the studio provides the best place for you to relax whilst we capture the most gorgeous memories of your baby.

For more information on newborn sessions click here


Sitter Session

Sitter sessions are the most fun! At around 6 months old your baby will begin to sit unassisted and it’s a great milestone to capture! A complete opposite experience to your newborn sessions, this one is fast, noisy and involves lots of singing and dancing to get those smiles!

For more information on sitter sessions click here


Cake Smash Session

You have made it through your first year and it’s time to celebrate…..with cake! Typically this will be a baby’s first experience eating cake and its going to be fun and messy. Throw in a bath at the end to wash off all that sugar, this really is such a fun way to celebrate that first birthday milestone.

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When is the best time to photography my baby?

Maternity sessions are done between 32-36 weeks.

Newborns are best photographed within the first 1-3 weeks of life. During this time they are more likely to be nice and sleepy and less likely to be disturbed whilst being curled into gorgeous positions to be photographed. This also mostly avoids any newborn acne that tends to develop after three weeks. Newborn sessions can be done up to 8 weeks of age but be aware that babies may be more alert and may not do all the poses after that 3 week point.

Sitter sessions are best done when your baby has begun sitting up but is not yet crawling. At this age they normally haven’t developed any stranger danger and will give us some gorgeous expresssions.

Cake Smashes can be done at any stage from 11 months to celebrate a first birthday

What is included in the Grow With Me Collection?
The Grow With Me collection includes
✔️ Up to four photoshoots including Maternity (optional), Newborn, Sitter and Cake Smash
✔️ Four matted photographs ready to frame
✔️ Four digital photographs of your printed photograph
✔️ Parents and siblings included in each session
✔️ A design and purchase appointment for each of your photo shoots 
Over $1100 in value for just $250!
Can I book an individual session?

Yes you can book a newborn, sitter or cake smash session without booking the Grow With Me collection.

Newborn: $200

Sitter: $125

Cake Smash: $125 (includes the cake)

These sessions include a complimentary 5×7 matted photograph.

Digital collections and artwork are available to purchase in your ordering appointment following your session. 

When should I book?

It is never too early to book in! Because your baby’s birthdate is unpredictable, we will reserve a time frame for you. If you know that you will be induced or have a c-section booked, your session date can be booked in advance. If your baby is going to come when it is ready, we will mark down your due date and expect you to contact her as soon as your baby arrives.

Most of our clients book their sessions during their second trimester. To maintain the high standards and due to  work commitments at the Royal Children’s Hospital, there are only limited sessions available and it is therefore important to book early to save any disappointment.

Despite this, due to the nature of birthdates being unpredictable, we may have some availability if you are nearing the end of your pregnancy or your baby has already been born. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about this.

Where are the photography sessions held?

Sessions are held in my beautiful studio in Eaglemont Village, Melbourne where we have access to all the equipment required and the environment can be kept comfortable for everyone.

Eaglemont is located just next to Ivanhoe which is about 10km North East of the CBD

Is it possible to have family portraits taken too?

Of course! We always photograph family portraits at the end of the session. You can opt not to have these photographs taken however we will highly encourage it. Your baby will not stay this little for long and it is important to have beautiful keepsakes to remember this time. If you are requesting sibling portraits, these will be done at the beginning of the session so that children can then be taken for a walk to the park or out for lunch whilst the rest of the session is completed.

How long do we have to wait until the images are ready?

Not long because images will be available to view immediately after your session! Whilst baby is being dressed and ready for the trip home, I will prepare your images to be viewed on the big screen where you can choose any that you would like to purchase.

How much will it cost to purchase more images?

Immediately following your session you will have your ordering appointment where you will be able to choose the images you would like to purchase.

Individual images can be purchased for $195.

Digital Collections start from $895.

Wall art and keepsake items can be purchased with a digital collection and start from $250

Products are made with the highest quality materials sourced from all over the world and we know you are going to love seeing your beautiful images displayed around your home.

Can I just purchase digital images?

Absolutely. Once you see your images you will choose a digital file collection of the photographs that you love. Following this you will be able to see, touch and explore all of our products to choose the best way for you and your family to display their photographs.

How do I book?

Complete our contact form to check availability! Get in touch here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



If you have never booked a professional photographer before, the idea can be very daunting!

To make this process a little easier for you, I have put together a little step-by-step guide so you know how your experience will develop over time!

Here at Always Belle Photography, I want to give you the best experience of capturing this amazing moment that will result in beautiful memories for you to display around your home.

If you have any further questions about how this experience will be unique for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here!



Let’s get you booked in! Firstly, head over to fill out my contact form to check my availability around your due date. Due to also actively working as a nurse, I am only available to take on a limited amount of sessions each week. Don’t waste any time and get in touch! A session fee is required to confirm your session.

To contact us, click here!



What I normally do is pencil in your due date and then we schedule the exact date and time for the session once your baby arrives. We try to get all of the details taken care of prior to the birth since things in that first week can get a bit overwhelming at times!

If you have any ideas of how you would like your images styled we can also discuss this prior to your session, otherwise, I will tailor a session just for you. Once your baby arrives and your session is booked, I will email you a small guide for how to prepare on the morning of your shoot!




This is when all the magic happens! The hardest part of your day should be leaving the house, as once you arrive it’s time to relax! Have a coffee and a muffin and put your feet up….some parents will even have a little sleep! You can let me know what colours you would like throughout your gallery, any poses that you do like or don’t like and we can begin capturing memories of your beautiful baby and your family. I will aim for a gallery of 20-30 images.

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It’s time to see your photographs! Following your session, we will take a short break to prepare your photographs and they will then be ready to view in a same-day cinematic experience just shortly after your session finishes.  Beginning with a custom-made slideshow to music you will be able to sit back and enjoy looking at your new family!

Following this viewing, you will then be able to decide which photographs you would like to purchase and how you would like to display your photographs. The studio is full of samples for you to view, feel and touch and I will be there to help you if you need it!

Payment plans are available if needed.

For more information on our luxury products click here!

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Your wall art and albums will be ready 4-6 weeks after your reveal. These products are made with the highest quality materials and aren’t readily available to the general public. These products come with a lifetime guarantee.

As soon as your products are ready I will be in touch for you to collect them and will eagerly await the photos of them being displayed around your home!