Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Nobody deserves a party more than an Mummy – To – Be! So when one-of your pals announces she’s pregnant,  it’s time to put everything aside and throw her an amazing baby shower!

Needless to say, like every celebration, putting a baby shower together takes a little preparation and  planning… afterall, this is more than just your average party!

This baby shower is a celebration of love, plus an ideal chance to demonstrate how much you care for the mother to be . Thus, if you’ve volunteered (or been selected) to host a friend’s baby shower, we’ve assembled some basic suggestions to help you plan a merry and unforgettable occasion.



Timing is vital when it comes to hosting a baby shower and needs to be discussed sooner rather than later. You don’t want to pick a date too late in the pregnancy in case bub comes early or your Mum-to-be goes into labour whilst opening her gifts! Typically people chose early in the third trimester to be on the safe side.


Guest List

Obviously you will need the input of the guest of honour here! As a general rule, most people would invite a small number of close girlfriends and female family member however these days more and more couples are opting for a baby “party” and inviting friends and family members of both sexes to enjoy a more gender neutral celebration. Keep in mind if this is the path you want to go down, you will almost definitely change the dynamics of the party and there won’t be as much fun girly time! Also, the more people you invite, the more complex it is to plan!



Ensure invites are sent out at least 6 weeks in advance. This will give your guests plenty of time to plan ahead and of course shop for the expected Mum! Whilst you need to put all the essential information on the invitation such as venue, time and your contact information, if you have decided to do a gift registry, some will consider it impolite to include this in the invite. Options to get around this include sending it separately from a family member or party host, or if it must be included then ensure it’s on a separate card.


Baby Shower Gifts

It has been a long standing tradition that guests will bring a gift for the mamma-to-be. As the host, it will be your job to organise this part of the shower as typically the guest of honour will open the gifts as a part of the shower. Keep a list as presents are opened of who gave what so that thank you cards can be written later. You may also be contacted to field questions about what gifts need to be purchased in the lead up to the event so make sure you are armed with the correct answers. Here is also a good place to point out that a newborn photography session is the perfect gift for an expectant mother! Contact us here for more information on buying a voucher for a friend!



Activities and Refreshments

Baby showers are typically held as an afternoon or a ‘high’ tea so light refreshments are served for guests. Of course, many people decide to steer away from this tradition and hold their shower’s at any time of the day!

Ask your guest of honour what they would like to eat at their shower and work from there. You could provide anything from scones and sandwiches to a light meal! Champagne is a tricky one as you don’t want to exclude your mum-to-be from any of the fun but talk to her to see what she would like to do and if she agrees, make sure there are some yummy non alcoholic drinks on hand too.

Games are definitely something that need to be discussed with your guest of honour as there is nothing to say they have to be played! Some expectant mothers would prefer a quiet afternoon whilst others will find some silly games all in the spirit of the afternoon.


In the end….

Hosting a baby shower is a wonderful way to show how much you care for a friend who is soon to be a new mother, but it also takes a bit of planning a little hard work. If you’ve volunteered to host a baby shower, be sure to start the planning process early so that you will have plenty of time to get things in order and make any necessary adjustments along the way. The simple tips we’ve outlined here should set you on the right track to throwing a baby shower that will delight the guest of honor and wow her friends and family.


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